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Historically, African Americans and underserved urban communities have fought to overcome policies of discrimination, economic and social injustices.  Since 1910, the National Urban League has been a force for progress and empowerment. Through our 90 affiliates across the country, the Urban League delivers services and programs to nearly two million individuals in 300 communities each year.  

Although we have made progress, vast disparities remain - in employment and education opportunities, quality housing, and basic healthcare. These disparities create a socioeconomic divides that we believe can change through empowering communities.

Our mission to achieve equality for all Americans depends on your support and commitment.

For the millions of lives we impact every day, a gift to the National Urban League means financial stability, a job opportunity, a better education, access to healthcare, and fair affordable housing.

Your gift will help fulfill our promise to fight tirelessly for a just nation.