USA Basketball Brings Open Court Program to Englewood (ABC Chicago)

Marcus Spencer is a serial entrepreneur that has many businesses. The businesses that he runs are Mind Over Matter Screenprinting and Embroidery,, Hoopa Wear Clothing Co., and HoopaZ Only Inc., which is a non- profit organization specializing in sports instructions on and off the court. HoopaZ Only Inc. introduces children to careers like sports journalism, videography (with a future partnership with Free Spirit Media), radio play by play, being a team manager sports director, sports referee, team physician, and the many other careers that provide a viable living. Mr. Spencer has been in business for 10 years.

HoopaZ Only Inc. has made and has many ongoing accomplishments. HoopaZ Only has been featured by ABC Chicago 7 in their "Chicago's Proud" segment. This feature included information about HoopaZ Only Inc., providing a free basketball program for six weeks to the youth and the Englewood community at Parker Community Academy. During that six week period, HoopaZ Only Inc. had the largest national turnout for any USA Basketball Open Court program.

This summer, HoopaZ Only Inc. will be partnering with a number of community organizations to provide additional basketball camps throughout the summer. They will work with the Chicago Police Department, Cook County Juvenile Court, and the JISC (Juvenile Intervention and Support Center) to provide a two-day free clinic to at risk youth in the Chicagoland area. They will also, work with the Sonny Parker Youth Foundation to help and provide the 2nd Annual Family First Basketball Camp sponsored by NBA Player, Jabari Parker, in early August. Also, they will be working with the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education to provide a golf clinic for youth in which they all will receive a free set of golf clubs, as well as free lessons for three days. During this golf clinic, the youth will learn how to network and learn about relationship building and how it is essential for their life and careers. 

Mr. Spencer stated, “The Urban League has assisted me in the structure of my business by helping me organize all four sectors of my company under one umbrella. The Chicago Urban League has been essential in the development of my business structure and organizing the operations of the company and blending them to work as one well-oiled machine. It has also been instrumental in providing me with opportunities to build relationships with other professionals and providing me with the tools to help assist me further in development and growth of my business strategy and future endeavors.”

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By National Urban League
Published 12 AM EST, Sat Jan 25, 2020