Urban League of Greater Kansas City Connects Members to Healthcare

In July of 2016 community organizations, including the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, came together to host one of community’s premiere free public service events in the city. Urban League of Greater Kansas City is dedicated to reducing health disparities in the African American community through advocacy, health screenings, health promotion and healthcare enrollment activities.  During this event, we were able to assist Dana B. with her efforts to find healthcare coverage.

Twins, Dana B. and Tori B. were enrolled in college and were underinsured with their Marketplace coverage last year.  Dana is suffering with a chronic illness and could not obtain medications needed to treat her disease.  Dana worked with an assistant to enroll her in a plan that covered her necessary medications.  Tori did not have to change plans after review. 

This affiliate has learned that the organizations that are the most visible in the community have the most successes with understanding the healthcare marketplace in addition to connecting uninsured and underinsured individuals with healthcare coverage options.

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By National Urban League
Published 11 PM EST, Fri Jan 24, 2020